Creating brand awareness to engage new Facebook and YouTube audiances...!

Kwaito Streaming Session is a live perfomace show which aims to create spaces for various musicians and Kwaito artists to entertain Kwaito Zone Facebook Group members and YouTube viewers. The purpose is to promote Kwaito Zone brand and the Kwaito music genre.

Our goal is to position our brand as the face of kwaito music, to attract more followers including musicians, artists and writters.

For the purpose of brand development, we plan to collaborate with Sawubona Music Jam band and invite popular kwaito musicians to rehearse their songs and produce a perfomance which will be streamed on YouTube mm. The session will be hosted in collaboration with local resturants every last Thursday of the month.

The session will be promoted through photo and videos, influencer outreach, popular musicians and paid advertisement.

The Sawubona Music Jam is a collective of over 100 musicians of various music genres including bands, singers, MCs, Djs and instrument players, who come together every Tuesdays to host a live streaming music jaming sessions at their backyard vanue. This movement host events regularly and also perfoms in various places locally and internationally.

In addition, Sawubona Music Jam is home to popular artists including Khaya Mahlangu, Kitchen Mess, Senza Art 911, Bold SA, 6 Mabone, Shameless Band, Jazz Cats, Siya Shezi, PK tha poet, Akkedis, Man ToTo, PeanutBatter & Jam, Spanish Fly, Thuthukani Cele, The Cooligans, Sun X and more.

Through our collaboration with Sawubona Music Jam, we will be able to coordinate the music and filming production process which includes rehearsals, host guest artists and perfom live at the vanues to be identified in the process. The guest artists will also use this platform to record a short biography/story which will also be shared with their audiances.

Action Plan

Phase One: 2 Months

* Research and consult with Client
* Consult with Sawubona and musicians
* Develop promotional images and videos

Phase Two: 1 Month 
* Host and record live music session
* Produce promotional images, video trailer, 60 min perfomance video and video clips.

Phase Three: 1 Month
* Advertising on YouTube,X 
and Facebook.
*launch and stream music session.
* Post 5 ads per day on Facebook.
* Evaluation and reporting on weekly and monthly basis.

Target market
Membership is over 381K with 23% Females and 77% males, of avarage age between 24 years and 44 years. We cover major cities including Durban, Capetown, Gaborone  (Botswana), Johannesburg, Pretoria, Maseru (Lesotho), Port Elizabeth, Pietermarizburg and Bloemfontein. 

We would like to run a series of ads on YouTube, X and Facebook to promote our clients products and services. The monthly group posts are 5.6K, comments 87K and 632K reactions. With these projections we target 200K YouTube viewers per month while our advertising expect to gain exposure of over 2 million viewers on YouTube and Facebook per month, at a cost of $3500

Project resource
In orde to successfully implement the project, we need resources including Venue and stage hire, branding, Band fees, Musicians, Sound system and engineers, Full video production, photographer, Supporting artists, Marketing, Project manager, and Project admin 10%.

Client's Benfits
1. Stage and vanue branding
2. Advertising video trailer, video clips, artworks and posters
3. Sell products and services
4. Brand advertising on Facebook,X and YouTube.
5. Content for 140 Ads on Facebook posts, reels and messaging per month.
6. Collaborate with Lova Ekasi

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