Increase your followers on Facebook with a free "100" T-shirts Giveaways Competition..!

The current project proposal focus on implementing the competition contest for Kwaito Zone Facebook Group members. The competition aims to give-away 100 free t-shirts and hats ,"combo" valued at $10 per set. The purpose is to promote Kwaito Zone brand and the Kwaito music genre.

Our goal is to position our brand as the face of kwaito music, to attract more followers including musicians, artists and writters.

For the purpose of brand development, we plan to produce 100 t-shirts and hats merchandise, with prints of Kwaito Zone logo, and invite Kwaito Zone members to participate in a competition and win free prizes.
The competition will be promoted through photos and video ads, soundtrack, influencer outreach, Facebook and paid advertisement.

The competition consist of two categories:
1. The first entry is open to adult members between 24 years and 44 years
2. The second entry is for members contesting on behalf of their children between 5 years and 10 years.
The group Admin will post 140 competition Ads per month and select ten winners per day. To enter the competition, members will be asked to like Ads, share Ads, follow the client's Facebook account and comment with a screenshot.

The competition prizes will be delivered through PEP Store PAXI services. The t-shirt winners will be asked to collect their prizes at their nearest PEP Store. The competition runs for 4 weeks, one months, with 10 t-shirts disributed daily.

Action Plan

Phase One: 2 months

*Research and consult with Client
*Consult with influencer
*Design messages and presentations
*Consult with graphic designer
*Print t-shirts and hats merchandise
*Photo and video shoot with influencer
*Develop promotional images, videos ads, and competition soundtrack

Phase Two: 1 Month
Advertised: Facebook Page, YouTube and X.
*Launch competition 
* Post 5 ads per day
*Select, announce and contact winners
*Distribute t-shirt merchandise

Phase Three: 1 Month
*Track and confirm deliveries
* Evaluation and Reporting on weekly and monthly basis.

We would like to run a series of ads on Facebook, YouTube and X, to promote our clients products and services. The monthly group posts are 5.6K, comments 87K and 632K reactions. With these projections we target the entry of 50 members per day and expect to bring in 1000 new followers per month, at a cost of $3,500.

Project resource
In orde to successfully implement the project, we need resources including T-shirts and hats merchandise, Photo and video production, Dancers, Influencer , Music production, Graphic designer, Marketing, T-shirts delivery fees, Project manager and Project admin 10%.

Client's Benfits
1. Content for 140 Ads on Facebook posts, reels and messaging per month.
2. Branding 100 t-shirts and hats
3. Branding video Ads trailers 
4. Increase new followers by 1000
5. Advertising on Facebook, YouTube and X.
6. Collaborate with Lova Ekasi 
7. Sell products and service 

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