I will increase your brand's Facebook traffic.

Welcome to the most sought-after advertising space that would be perfect fit for promoting your brands to 890K followers, with 5.6K posts, 56K comments and 643K interations on monthly basis. The primary audiance that engage with my group's content consit of 76% males and 24% females with average age being 24 years- 44 years..

With these protections we expect to bring in 500 new followers on Facebook every month. I am targeting Kwaito Zone Facebook Group members, based in major cities in South Africa, Botswana and Lesotho. As a content creator of 6 years i will actively engage with my community to ensure your brand gets expsure and increase Facebook followers. .

I would like to run a series of competition Ads on Facebook Group to promote your products and services. In addition, I will run 84 Ads consisting of photos and video reels, for 28 days, targeting entry of 500 members per month. The competition prizes amounts to 5$ per claim and winners will recieve Airtime, Data, Cash and Voucher prizes.

 I will put in place daily and weekly reporting mechanisms on activities and outcomes. You'll recieve daily updates about Ads, reviews, followers, interactions to make a lasting impression on your investments.

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