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Lost Culture is a podcast series that unpacks the growing phenomenon of new pop-culture and its impact on the South African music history. The show will be hosted by Ntsiki Mzwayi, South African poet, beading artist, and musician. She makes traditional, hip-hop, reggae, house, and Afro-soul music. Each episode of the Lost Culture will focus on different musicians and artists involved in the Kwaito music genre.

Since mid 2000s, the new pop-culture music  such as Kasi-Pap, Gqom and Amapiano have emerged taking over spaces which where previously dominated by Kwaito music, starting from production, audiances, sponsors, trends, bookings and lable signings. Many critics even suggested that Kwaito music was less competitive as compared to Amapiano and Gqom music. This sparked many debates on social media to a point where kwaito was declared a dead music genre.

The purpose of the Podcast is to promote Kwaito Zone brand and create awareness on the impact of pop-culture towards Kwaito music genre.

Our goal is to position our brand as the face of kwaito music, to attract more followers including musicians, artists and writters.

The show will invite guests including artist, musicians and writers to find out the challenges that comes with pop-culture and what mechanism available for Kwaito to adapt and stay relevant? The show focus on discussions including cultural identity, pop-culture, kwaito, artists, production, audiances, sponsors, bookings, trends and lable signings. Each episode of the Podcast aims to make viewers aware of what "makes or breaks" a cultural identity, with reference to Kwaito.

The competition will be promoted through media personalities, influencer outreach, photo and video ads, streaming platforms, social media and paid advertisement.

We plan to collaborate with Khuli Chana Studios to produce 10 episodes Podcast with each running for 60 minutes. Each show will host 6 guests, including remote audiances. The Podcast will run once a month for a period of 10 months.

Khuli Chana is a business man, musician, awards winner and Khuli Chana Studios owner.

In additon to Podcast interviews, the show will invite popular Kwaito muscians and legends including Thebe, Mzambiya, Mzekezeke, L'vovo, Mdu, Dj Cleo, Zola 7, Andile, Boom Shaka, Brickz, Dj Oskido, Spykos, Bongo Maffin, Alaska, Sbu Maloya, Big Nuz, Trompies, TKZee and Professor, Bouga luv, Choskop, who will give us raw first-hand takes on the whole situation. The Journalists, collage and varsity students who are involved in arts, heritage and culture fields will also weigh in.

Action Plan

Phase One: 2 Months

* Research and consult with Client
* Consult with Khili Chana Studios
* Consult with Host and guest
* Consult graphic designers
* Develop Podcast branding visual

Phase Two: 1 Month 
* Record podcast show
* Produce 60 minutes Podcast episode. promotional images, video clips and video trailers.

Phase Three: 1 Month
* launch and stream Podcast in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts
* Post 5 ads per day
* Advertising Podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, X, Facebook and YouTube.
* Evaluation and reporting on weekly and monthly basis.

Target market
Membership is over 381K with 23% Females and 77% males, of avarage age between 24 years and 44 years. We cover major cities including Durban, Capetown, Gaborone
 (Botswana), Johannesburg, Pretoria, Maseru (Lesotho), Port Elizabeth, Pietermarizburg and Bloemfontein. 

We would like to run a series of ads on Podcats, X, YouTube and Facebook to promote our clients products and services. The monthly group posts are 5.6K, comments 87K and 632K reactions. With these projections we target 250K Podcast  viewers per month while our advertising expect to gain exposure of over 2 million viewers through streaming planforms incliding Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts per month, at a cost of $3500

In orde to successfully implement the project, we need resources including Full audio and video production, Studio, Host, Guests, Photoshoot, Marketing, Project manager, and Project admin 10%.
Client's Benfits.
*Build brand awareness: place Podcast ads on popula Podcasts.
*Increase Sales: Run special offers and discounts in ads.
*Boost website traffic: Call to action on ads telling people to go to client's website or store
*Get Feedback from customers: Run survey or polls in ads
*Make connections with other businesses: advertising expose the client to other busness with same interests
*Save money: Postcast ads are less expesive than TV and print media. Podcasts target specific audiance which helps to save marketing costs.

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