Influencer Marketing vs Traditional Advertising: Which is Better?

man reading traditional adverts in a newspaper

Hey there fellow marketers! Are you tired of using the same old traditional advertising methods to promote your brand? Well, you’re in for a treat because today we’re diving into the world of influencer marketing!  In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the ins and outs of influencer marketing and comparing it to traditional advertising. … Read more

Get Ready, Get Set, Go: 3 Foundations of Influencer Marketing

Hey there, marketing mavens! Are you ready to start learning about the exciting world of influencer marketing? It’s time to amp up your brand promotion with a strategy that’s taking the digital world by surprise!  You may be asking yourself – what would be the benefit of influencer marketing?  Well, think about it – influencers … Read more

The Role of Influencers in Shaping the Beauty and Fashion Industry

In the ever-evolving realms of beauty and fashion, where trends come and go with the setting sun, a new dawn has risen with the ascendancy of influencers. These modern-day trendsetters have carved out a niche that wields considerable power over the industry’s heartbeat.  In our blog post, The Role of Influencers in Shaping the Beauty … Read more

6 Metrics To Measure For Influencer Marketing Campaigns

influencer marketing metrics

I get that this can be a little more than overwhelming. Metrics and KPIs are terms for “how to reach goals”. If this will be your first marketing campaign, fear not! We’ve got you covered! What is Influencer marketing and why should you use it?  Traditional and modern marketing strategies blend harmoniously in influencer marketing, … Read more

How Influencer Marketing Can Help Your Brand Reach New Audiences

It’s no surprise that influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular. The fact is that people love people. Does that make any sense? And they are more likely to try new things and to buy the products that people they admire are using. So, influencer marketing needs almost no introduction.  As more companies incorporate … Read more

Influencer Marketing: The New Norm for Marketers

In recent years, social media has taken the world by storm with marketing tactics. Covid-19 forced many businesses to digitize their businesses to stay afloat. Many people found new ways to socially interact with one another during lockdown. Instead of businesses seeing the threat of COVID, they found opportunities to find new creative ways to … Read more

Top Influencers Changing South Africa’s Social Media Landscape 

Influencers today have changed the landscape of social media for the better. They have crafted a space where both brands and influencers alike can become better examples to the people they represent. From crafting inspirational content to generating a safe space to interact with the community, these influencers are the forerunners of the South African … Read more

The Role of Influencers in Building a Sustainable Brand

Have you ever wondered how that Instagram star you’re following has a big say in your favorite brand? Well, you are not alone! And it’s not just any brand – we’re talking about those that are striving to save the planet. These influencers are also called eco warriors, eco influencers, or even “green-fluencers”.  In this … Read more

Influencer Marketing for Small Businesses: Tips and Strategies

What is “Influencer Marketing”? Influencer marketing involves the use of influencers to promote a brand or product. However, the term influencer doesn’t mean a celebrity. An influencer can be small, or less known but have a much more significant impact on the brand image or reach. These influencers are known as Micro influencers.  Macro influencers … Read more

The Ethics of Influencer Marketing: Balancing Profit and Authenticity

Picture this.  Fresh breeze across your face, a cool summer day with birds chirping, strangers smiling and children laughing. You are on a walk past a beautiful park where you see an influencer filming themselves advertising a brand you don’t recognize. You have nowhere to be, so you decide to watch. As your mind contemplates, … Read more